Cyber Security

Software Development

IT security Consultants job function:

  • Coordinate and shape Cyber Security into policies, standards, procedures and guidelines;
  • Coordinating and performing vulnerability assessment, PEN test, network analysis, et cetera;
  • Performing analyses on an organisation’s ‘crown jewels’, risks and the set-up, design and operation of (technical) measures;
  • (Co-) set up (incident) response programmes/services;
  • Providing security awareness programmes;
  • Co-developing of products and services.

About you:

  • Experience with ITIL and Agile;
  • Execution of Red Teaming activities both internal and external.
  • Social Engineering by taking advantage of Human Factor vulnerabilities.

You have the skills to do:

  • DDoS simulations
  • Malware and tools development for internal uses.
  • Developing tools based on existing zero-day vulnerabilities.

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